two lion’s mane mushrooms on a tree
Hedgehog’s goatee, lion’s mane, pom pom blanc: Hericium erinaceus carries many names.

Magic mushrooms
The magical world of mushrooms has many secrets, source Bild von adege on Pixabay.

Mushrooms in the forrest
Medicinal mushrooms are survival experts.

The almost magical world of mushrooms

Most people consider mushrooms a…

Homemade profiteroles from scratch.

Painting depicting the allegory of immortality.
The Allegory of Immortality is a painting by artist Giulio Romano and was created c. 1540. It currently resides in the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts in Detroit, MI, USA. source: Detroit Institute of Arts

Grafic of the pineal gland and the way, melatonin is produced under the influence of light.
Source: Ma Z, Yang Y, Fan C, et al. Melatonin as a potential anticarcinogen for non-small-cell lung cancer. Oncotarget. 2016;7(29):46768–46784. doi:10.18632/oncotarget.8776.

Pink colour of Astaxanthin in a flamingo bird
Astaxanthin is the pigment coloring flamingos.

Kornelia C. Rebel

writer, bathroom-goddess, transformation mentor, aiming for the shooting star, expert in health and mental fitness

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